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These are the ramblings of a guy determined to seek out the little adventures in life, with his best friend at his side, and record them for posterity..what ever the heck that is. Over the years Nana and I have been fortunate enough to see and do a lot of what we wanted to see and do...some say we have done more than most, and yet I still want more and am always surprised just how accessible these little adventures are. You just have to make it a point to go get them..get off the couch, walk out the door and do what ever it is that you want to do. Not necessarily large scale grand earth changing adventures but strike out after that first step in your journey. If you like art, then paint or sculpt or do what you want with what you have. If you like travel, then walk around your neighborhood and discover what you have missed... all it takes is your time and willingness to try. Nana and I are trying..all of these adventures are close to our home and we are learning how to have these adventures and slowly we will be going further afield, approaching taller and steeper hills and longer trails. . . and likely many new breakfast places. Our walking adventures had two sources of inspiration. Of course Bill Bryson's 'A Walk in The Woods' - both the book and the movie -- and a friend at work who was very over weight and began a quest to loose that weight through good diet and a hike. He hikes every night and on weekends and today has lost the weight he wanted and is at his ideal.. over 140 pounds lost I think..thanks Jay for the inspiration.

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  1. Can I just say I think you are both awesome and I'm so glad we are friends. Love you both and love your attitude towards life!