Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day - East Providence-Providence

Broadway Diner
Today we started off with our grandchildren and headed to one of our favorite local diners, the Broadway Diner right here in East Providence. The food and service were fantastic as always with large portions and  great coffee served with a smile. Being Mothers Day there was lots to do and lots to celebrate, and we thanked our lucky stars that we got to start it off with the kids. I even got to do a bit of coloring with Grace and learned much about 'My Little Pony' - did you know that they are all girls? Not sure just how that works, but that is what I was told. We had lots to do and got the kids home in good order and did chores around the house and yard and realized that we had some time before everyone was to come over for supper so we decided to walk the 'Linear Park - 
 the newly finished park that runs along the side of the Washington Bridge that connects Providence to East Providence carrying Interstate 195 East and West.
Could have used a better name.
As we began on the East Providence side of the Seekonk River with the wind in our faces we thought that maybe this walk was not such a good idea. Soon, though, we settled into a good pace and began to enjoy the urban landscape and good conversation. Once across the bridge and through the Linear Park we arrived at India Point Park in Providence where many people were enjoying the sunshine on this Mothers Day. There were an obvious number of Mothers out there, God bless them all. We walked down to the community boat house and checked out the boats and watched some early activity out on the bay. We then headed up the ramp to the footbridge that spans Interstate 195 and into Providence proper. This section of Providence, Fox Point, is filled with wonderful old houses and as you may know I am a sucker for this stuff, I just love the old houses. We turned right onto Wickenden Street and made our descent back toward the river.
Over Rt 195 on the footbridge
We walked down to Gano Street then back under Route 195 and took the stairs back up to the Linear Park and back toward East Providence. Now with the wind at our backs we started shedding layers and I began to build a nice glow (that's a nice way of saying I started sweating). I love the view from this bridge and it is fun to look down and check out the boats in the marina. We kept a boat in that marina for a couple of seasons before we discovered Pawtuxet Cove, but that is a story for another day.
We soon arrived back at the car and we both checked our apps and we had walked two and a half miles..not a long walk, but time was limited and it worked out just right. As a side note, our pace was considerably faster than when we are walking in the forest. So we made it back home in time for the family gathering, and had another celebration for Mothers. So here's to all the Mothers out there, we all owe you so much, thanks.

A Few Pictures

Coloring time

A view of the bay

Best graffiti ever!

Back across the bridge

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