Sunday, June 12, 2016

Urban Walk - Boston

Boardwalk, Boston
Today (Sunday June 5th - I posted this a week late) started a little differently, we were off to Boston early, stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee for the trip and arrived at the Harbor Walk at Carson Beach near the Joe Mokely Park. We got our walk in early before meeting up with a friend who's husband and one of our dearest friends is recovering from surgery in the hospital. Even though he is not up for company it was good to get close. But, back to the walk...we found good parking right behind the boardwalk (well done Siri) and began our walk around this large crescent of a beach. the day was a bit overcast but still a pleasant day even though we had expected to be walking in the rain. We passed many other walkers and lots of folks walking dogs. We walked along the sidewalk toward the north east which had lots of visual nourishment for the eyes. The Water was calm and a couple of kayakers were beginning an adventure out into Boston harbor and a soccer match was beginning to form up in the park across the road.
Harbor walk
The grounds around the walkway were well kept and there were lots of things in place for those who come to the beach. We found gaming tables with inlaid checker/chess boards, picnic tables and a bocci court, and very nicely maintained bath houses. When we had walked almost all the way to the end of the beach we came upon several buildings. One of which was the 'Men's Bath House' at the Curley Community Center which had a very curious sign, in stone above the door. This is actually a thought I have never had before. . . .

Curious. . .
I wonder if the thinking is still the same as it was when this stone work was done and if the current members of the community center live up to this stirring motto. Once past the community center and a couple of yacht clubs we made our turn and headed back toward the car. I was working up a good sweat, almost a lather, and we left the sidewalk and ambled down to the sandy beach for the stroll back. As we walked the beach we could see tented structures on the opposite side of this wide crescent and curiosity got the best of us. We had a new destination and headed around the shore making our way toward the tents to see what was going on. A crowd was gathering there as well. After a quick biology stop at the bath house near the car we made our way toward the tent and the crowd. It was the beginning of a 5K foot race, sponsored by the Pug Rescue of New England. Lots of people were walking their Pugs and other breeds around and apparent expecting them to participate int he 5K. The question that kept coming into my mind was, why would anyone want to rescue a Pug? As it turns out (I checked later) their race course was exactly the path we took. So we did a 5K and without a Pug!
Nana and Kathy at trendy breakfast bar
Once back in the car we struck out to the hospital and met up with our friend Kathy and took her to breakfast at a local, trendy, bar, breakfast place and ate $9 eggs with a single slice of toast.. We all started off with a coffee, like you do when your are at breakfast, and reading the menu I discovered that the price of coffee on the front of the menu was $3 a cup and on the back of the menu it was $2.50 a cup. Of course I told the waitress that I wanted to order from the back of the menu...she had no sense of humor at all. . . go figure, snooty big city breakfast bar trendy waitress. . . . humph. However having whined about that, it was very good to catch up on all the news about our healing friend and be able to spend a little bit of time with Kathy. Bad service and cold toast can't dampen our friendship. Love these guys. . .
Some Pictures


Panorama of the beach

Near the Pugs. . .

Incase you wanted to know

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