Friday, March 3, 2017

Destruction Brook Woods, Dartmouth, MA - February 27, 2017

Whaling City Diner
It's our anniversary! On today's walk we celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary. Yep, 47 years ago, on a much colder February 27 that was
Wedding Day, 1970
tinged with snow, Nana and I walked down the aisle, said our vows and never looked back. It seems like yesterday that those two kids stood there, sometime you just gotta wonder where the time goes. On that day I was 20 years old and in the US Navy, Nana was 19, we were indeed just kids. Amazingly 47 years later, we are still awaiting maturity. So on this fine day we started out in New Bedford, Massachusetts at the Whaling City Diner right on  Purchase Street. Our life together started in this area as we lived just across the bridge in Fairhaven when we were first married. The Whaling City Diner did not disappoint, friendly service and great food at a very fair price. A pleasant surprise too, was the fact that diners apparently are far less busy during
Destruction Brook itself!
a weekday than they are on a Sunday morning. I like this
Maps are provided at the trailhead.
retirement thing. From the diner it was a short drive to Destruction Brook Woods in South Dartmouth. There was plenty of parking at this beautiful spot with fields and stone walls and a very obvious trailhead. There are many trails here. We started with the red trail, then to the  yellow trail to the blue trail, back to the yellow trail which reconnects to the red trail back to the parking area. Our hike was just over three and a half miles and we were on the trail for about an hour and a half. The trails here are well marked and the hiking was easy. This winter has given us some wonderfully warm days and we have not spent too many hiking in the
47 years later
snow. Today it was in the low fifties but very windy which kept us a bit bundled up. We only encountered a few others on the trail today, I am guessing because it was a weekday. The woods here
Well marked trails
are beautiful with a few signs of an early spring, like skunk cabbage poking up through the ground already. we enjoyed the wide trails and the easy walking as we could easily carry on our conversation and mostly walk side by side. Having the maps available at the trailhead was nice as we planned our route before setting out on the trail and were able to set our pace accordingly. I am sure that we will be back down in this area
Some old hippies must have
come before us
again, this is a nice trail to explore and there are still several miles of trails we have not traveled. All in all a nice way to spend an anniversary morning. . .

We never did find out what destruction happened here.

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