Monday, July 11, 2016

Thinking of Paul - Lincoln Woods

Geneva Coffee
Today was sort of a melancholy day for a walk. Our dear friend Paul passed away yesterday so this walk has become our memorial walk. Such a good man, such a good friend. More on that later, but let me tell you how our day went. Nana and I started our day in search of some place close and decided just to walk again in Lincoln Woods, just north of the city of Providence, a few minutes from our house. I found the Geneva Diner in North Providence on the computer and it looked like a good enough place to have breakfast as we always like new diners. It all started off well enough, we were seated promptly and the waitress seemed cheerful enough. We got coffee straight away. The diner was not busy it only is a maybe too other booths with hungry breakfast seekers.
Nana ordered the 'Mexican Omelet' and I ordered my usual 2 eggs, home fries and toast. And the wait began... and continued... and continued. We began to wonder if we had been forgotten but the waitress showed up and refilled our empty coffee cups. Nana asked for a glass of water which never came. If you are a regular reader of this drivel you know I like my toast dark and without butter.
You can see here just how that turned out, and the odd thing was our toast arrived first on it's own plates long before any breakfast showed up and when a plate arrived only Nana's breakfast arrived and my two eggs did not show for almost another 7 or 8 minutes. Nana asked for a glass of water again and never got it still. . . The Geneva Diner does not get a high rating, and not much of a tip either. Nana never did get her water..we guessed they lost the recipe. A short time later we pulled into the back entrance of Lincoln Woods..this was not intentional, I just happened to miss the exit so I took the next and knew the way to the back of the park. This was actually a much better entrance to the park complete with a covered bridge over a stream. We parked and struck out to the woods along a dirt road which lead to many trails. Soon we were walking in peace and talking of our long friendship with Paul and the meaning of all this end of life stuff. Paul's passing has made us all more reflective on our own place in the world and exactly how short our time here actually is. Make the best of it. Paul was an inspiration in many ways and has touch our life in a most permanent way. While we walked we got calls and texts from friends who have also been touched by Paul wanting to know the news and what they could do and sending well wishes. He was loved by many.
Lincoln Woods
We walked toward the pond and then followed a trail around the perimeter for a while and crossed back over to the road and around back through the woods. It seemed a bit more of a wander than hike..a bit more aimless the way life seems right now. I think I will leave the blog here for the day with one final thought. As we approached the end of our walk a huge Red Tailed Hawk landed in a tree almost directly above us. Maybe it was my mood or maybe some thing real but I would like to think that it was a sign  of better things to come, of a new beginning or something I don't have words for, but a sign of something good. 

Red Tailed Hawk

Olney Pond in Lincoln Woods
Our path

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