Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Warm Sunday - Bluff Point State Park, Groton, CT

Buford's Family Restaurant
We got out of the house in good time this week and drove to Groton, Connecticut for a great breakfast at Buford's Family Restaurant. We parked in front of the Happy Tails Dog Grooming shop directly across the street from Buford's and wen we arrived, all the seats were taken so we sat at the counter. I have to say that this was  one of the friendliest places we had been in quite some time. It seems like everyone that was working at Buford's was genuinely happy to be there. This is just a small hole in the wall, neighborhood diner but it gets a five star rating from me.
Nana and Pappa at the counter
It was great sitting at the counter as this is where all the action is.  We had a great chat with the waitresses and the food was great, prompt and generous portions. Nana had a reuben omelet and I had my usual and they got the toast right. so score one for the small town diner. Nana and I chatted and caught up on all the happenings of the past week. Sunday mornings are always great this way as the week days are busy and it can be difficult to get it all said, so we get it all out on Sunday mornings, over eggs and coffees and home fries. Once we were fortified we set off to find Bluff Point State Park. We had hiked here once before, (before this blog) back in late November of last year and have great memories of that time. The big loop part of the trail is 
just over 4 miles starting in a dusty parking area. We chose this spot because it is near the water and has beaches on Long Island Sound. Nana needed to be by the water and this seemed to be just the spot.
Nana gets her bearings
It was building into another hot day as we started up the path but we walked in comfort in the shade of Hickory and Oak and had a great breeze coming in off the Sound. The trail here is wide and well traveled and there is no need of trail markers. No blazes on the trees here.
Out on the point, overlooking the Sound.

As is usually the case I began to perspire heavily a short way into the walk, it is just what I do...  but this time Nana had reminded me to bring my hat so the sweat wouldn't run into my eyes. It worked! Thanks Nana! However there was at least one noticeable drawback. The picture on the right taken at the diner turned out pretty good and Nana wanted a copy to send to our son who lives on the far shore in California. When I went to send it to her (it was on my iPhone) I had to look down at my screen and when I did that a puddle of water formed on my screen. Yep, I had sweat my hat completely full, so when I tipped my head down, it would run in a stream from the bill. I was able to overcome these hardships and press on. As the sun got higher in the sky, more and more fun seekers arrives along the trail and we passed quite a few heading for the beach with arms full of beach toys and towing wagons and baskets behind. We made it back to the start having logged over 4 miles. The apps are still in conflict - I am guessing 4 miles even. Once back to the car we swapped out our backpacks for beach chairs and found a great spot in the shade. Nana was reading and I was sketching and all the while we had a good conversation going. Once when I needed to go the the mens room (they actually had a solar powered mens room) I was fortunate to have a hot dog stand in my path, so on my return trip I made the acquaintance of the purveyor of fine dogs. He was a large guy who was falling asleep in his chair while playing Sudoko - I think I save him from the pain of boredom. We ended up chatting for quite a while. Not only does he sell hot dogs but raises champion 'coon hounds. Growing up in Illinois my neighbor had several runs of hounds and 'coon hunting was a big sport in my childhood. Even though we became kindred spirits, he still charged me full retail for the dog. I took my dog back to my spot in the shade and Nana and I were in a cool, breezy spot on a hot summer day. Oh and did I mention that there is a Dairy Queen at the entrance to the park. . . 

Some Pictures
On the 'trail' 
By the beach
Even though it sys 4.5 I bet it was only 4
The view from my chair

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