Friday, February 17, 2017

A Windy Day - Colt Park, Bristol - February 16, 2017

Since we can now walk just about any day of the week these posts may come more frequently. Today we took a walk in Colt State park in Bristol, Rhode Island. Colt Park has been the site of many of our
Guardian Lion
family activities and a favorite place to go and toss Frisbees fly kites. Today though I don't think you could do either as the wind was up steady over 25 knots and small craft warning flags were flying. With the temps in the low 30's the wind was piercing. Colt State Park was the home of Samuel Colt, the nephew of the famous Sam Colt of the firearms trade. This Colt was a banker and
Colt Park Headquarters
farmer. Samuel Colt was the founder of the Industrial National Bank, the long standing and largest Bank in Rhode Island. This park was once his farm where he raised cattle and pigs and where the public was always invited. A more complete history of the park can be found here.  Carol and I mad our way from the parking lot just below the park office along the road and paths toward the stone bridge and the water. Walking was tough as the roadway had traffic and the path were still filled with
By the stone bridge.
snow. When we reached the stone bridge we met a lady, who was gracious enough to take a picture of us, but who had also just had a bad experience with a Park Ranger. The ranger threatened her with an $85 fine for not having her dogs on a leash. Now understand that is the rule, you must have your dogs on a leash. However beside this woman and us, there was no one else foolish enough to be out walking around in this cold wind. Here dogs were no threat to anyone. She was ripping mad and was heading
On the pier
to her car and said she was going to go back and give the ranger a piece of her mind. We hope it all turns out well for her, she seemed nice, mad, but nice. Once we left the stone bridge area our walk took us straight int the teeth of the wind. I put the chin strap down on my goofy hat, just in case. We walked over tho the fishing pier which we also
Sign about the boats
had to ourselves. Narragansett Bay was about as rough as I have ever seen it. The wind was doing it's job. Just next to the pier were a couple of signs with information about the bay islands and the kinds of boats that work the bay. There were no boats out there today. On our walk along the bay side of the park we were amused by birds (Brants, Canada Geese, Gulls and Pigeons) trying to take flight into the wind - all turned back. The wind
Snowy roadway
seemed to be increasing and the wind chill seemed to be dropping. We made our way down a long snow covered roadway back to the office parking lot and to the warmth of our car. Another good walk, and on a weekday, imagine that. The office
At the end of the walk.
area and parking lot were guarded by two large bronze Lions on top of the stone walls. This is indeed a lovely place

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