Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Missing time

Nana and Kathy at Caratunk
A lot has happened since I last posted here. First off, Nanna and I have still been walking. We didn't miss a Sunday from our last post through early January. Nana retired on the first of the year and Pappa on the 13th of January. Yes, Nana and Pappa is now officially retired, so what you would expect is a lot more walking, but that isn' how it has developed, at least not yet. But let me get you all caught up first off.

Pappa at Parker Woodland
Back on November 6th we went to Caratunk with our friend Kathy and hiked the 2+ mile loop through the woods where we found a Hickory tree which I believe Kathy had never identified before. The following weekend, November 13th, after a breakfast at the Seaplane Diner (a favorite) Nana and I headed out to Greene Rhode Island and hiked Parker Woodland. This was a great 4 mile hike and I would recommend this walk to just about anyone, not too strenuous and lots of variety. We explored the old Vaughn Farm ruins.. very interesting. Easy to follow trail with lots of rocky outcroppings. The
Rehoboth State Forest
following weekend, November 20th we started the day at the KP Diner on RT 44 in Rehoboth and hiked the Rehoboth Forest. We had lived in Rehoboth for over 25 years, and it is where Nana grew up, but we had never hiked the forest. This was another easy
Hope Farm, Bristol
walk and only a little over two miles but plenty of a walk for the weekend before Thanksgiving. On December 4 we had breakfast at Green Eggs and Hame in Bristol and hiked the three mile loop around Hope Farm on the shore of Mount Hope Bay. This was a great walk which provided fantastic views of the bay. We even strayed off the trail and scrambled along the rocky shore for a while. There is a cottage there that apparently you can rent out.
Cumberland Monastery Trail
That would be fun. We are continually being surprised at what we can find within minutes of home. This is a very cool place that I am sure we will revisit in warmer weather so we can stick our feet in the water. The following weekend, December 11th we found J's Deli in Cumberland and headed for the Cumberland Monastery Trail. As a stupid side note, I was
Norman Bird Sanctuary
thinking that this was the Buddhist Temple just up the would think that at this advanced age I would know the difference between a Monastery and a Buddhist Temple... This too was a very good walking trail, wide and well marked with lots of dog walkers and there was a footrace going on as well. We got a free water at one of the water stops for the race. Parts of the trail were not very passable because of high water, and moving ice, but we made our way through. The weekend before Christmas we were at the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown. This is a must do hike for anyone living in
Hunt Mills
Rhode Island. This day we saw several different kinds of birds and several deer grazing right next to the trail. Even though there is a fee - this hike is worth it.  Friday before Christmas we got in our Christmas Day hike as
Roger Williams Park, Christmas Day
we might be other wise occupied on Christmas Sunday. Hunt Mills, in East Providence, offers a variety of short walks along the river and around the old mill site, and as a bonus it is only a couple of miles from home.  We did make time Christmas afternoon to get in a short two mile walk around Roger Williams Park and had a great chat with our west coast family..cell phones are great. Although there were may people in the park it felt as though we had it to ourselves. The weather was crisp and Nana dressed for the occasion. On December 30th we found ourselves in Cromwell, Connecticut hiking up a very steep hill in a bit of a
Green Hill Mountain Loop, Cromwell
snow squall. We got away for the weekend to celebrate the coming year and found this great hiking spot thanks to our hiking app - did I mention how helpful phones can be. Once we got to the top of Green Hill the view was spectacular, but coming and going was a bit dicey..steep up, steep down and well worth the effort. The next day, we were still in Connecticut, we went to the Mark Twain house which I would recommend to everyone, yes everyone..what a great man he was and the house tour give particularly good insight into his life. On the way home from
Beaver sign, Browning Mill Pond
Connecticut we stopped in Exeter, Rhode Island for our New Years Eve walk around Browning Mill Pond. Even though we have done this before it is always a satisfying walk. The terrain is varied and it has really good views through the forest and around the pond. We discovered a spot where beaver had been at work. This is another of those walks that everyone should do, as it is very easy access and not too long or strenuous. On January 15th, just two days after my retirement and the day before our big trip south we went to Taunton,
Boyden Wildlife Refuge, Taunton MA
Massachusetts and hiked the Boyden Wildlife Refuge. We did almost two miles and again a pretty cool place, but it was in need of some repair as some of the trails had deteriorated and a few were even closed and inaccessible. We still had fun, and we had another excuse to stop at the KP Diner in Rehoboth. So this pretty well brings us up to the point of the 'Road Trip' - we did a long drive south to visit friend and to explore - that experience can be found by clicking this LINK.
So now that we are caught up with what happened before the road trip, here is a brief few lines about our Valentine's Day hike yesterday in Lincoln Woods. We hiked the road loop around Olney Pond as
Broadway Diner, East Providence
it was cleared of the snow..we have had several inches (maybe about 18 - 20 inches in Lincoln Woods) over the past week. The park crew had plowed the road around the pond, a 2.5 mile loop, so walking wasn't too bad, with only a few slippery spots.  We
Lots of snow
started the day at Broadway Diner, another local favorite, although yesterday they were not up to par... there was a toast issue... When we parked in Lincoln Woods, we parked right in front of some bird feeders and I had my camera with me so I got quite a few shots of woodpeckers, flickers, tufted titmouse, chickadees and several other birds.
Flicker in Lincoln Woods.
I will try to be more punctual in writing this blog, excused are fewer now that I am retired, so I will try and Nana and I are not longer confined to the weekend. Hopefully this year will bring lots of great hikes and new places. Happy New Year to all who take the time out of their busy lives to read these words. Nana and I appreciate all of our friends and wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017 and beyond. . .

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